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Traffic Control Services US Traffic Control

Traffic Control Services & Equipment

U.S. Traffic Control Services can provide federal, state, and/or local maintenance of traffic services anywhere within the continental United States.

Our employees are trained to bring the highest level of skill and experience to your project. Our traffic safety personnel and services
 ATSSA Certified Flaggers, traffic control engineers, traffic control supervisors and traffic control technicians for 2-way flagging, lane closures, rolling roadblocks, law enforcement procurement, road closures and detours, crowd control management and equipment rental.

  • Fleets of Trucks and Specialized Equipment
  • Experienced U.S. Traffic Control Management and Staff
  • Traffic Control Operations within the following states:
    • Athens, GA,
    • Dallas, TX,
    • Santa Rosa, CA
  • Nationwide Partner Network
Traffic Control Flagging Training

Traffic Control Design & Planning

The U.S. Traffic Control Services team has built our strategies by providing Disaster Response and Recovery services across the United States. We have tested and proven detailed traffic control designs and plan implementations for Workforce Base Camps, Temporary Housing Communities, Retail, Office, and Housing Traffic Plans for private sector companies and government clients nationwide.

US Traffic Control Maintenance of Traffic and Tree Work

Two-Way Traffic Flagging Operations

U.S. Traffic Control Services staff and management teams always follow official state and local safety regulations to set up and manage all active two-way traffic flagging projects.

US Traffic Control Services Road Traffic Work

Lane Closures & Detour Management

Traffic lane closures and detour operations are carefully designed to closely follow natural traffic patterns on location wherever possible. 20 years of traffic control experience has shown that local motorist and pedestrian familiarity plays a large role in any successful traffic control operation.

Road Closure

Crowd Control

U.S. Traffic Control can provide crowd control for private events and festivals and for any local, state or federal safety needs. Our staff and management teams utilize state-of-the-art communications systems, professionally trained personnel, and specialized traffic control equipment to ensure safe and smooth experiences for all of your patrons and visitors.

Professional Crowd Control Equipment Management

Traffic Control Equipment Rental

U.S. Traffic Control provides specialized emergency traffic control and safety equipment for rent, including:

  • Traffic Cones
  • Traffic Barrels
  • Traffic Barricades
  • Traffic Warning Lights
  • Traffic Signage


We are also able to provide the following land and vegetation management equipment and services via our direct partnerships:

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Commercial Mowing
  • Road Cleaning
  • Road Clearing
  • Land Clearing
  • Fire Breaks
  • Mastication
US Traffic Control Maintenance of Traffic and Tree Work
US Traffic Control Barricade Attenuator Truck Equipment